Employer Speak

HCL CDC is a leading IT Training Centre wherein candidates can build upon their careers in IT. It is a gateway to the It industry. HCL has a well qualified faculty and very good infrastructure & campus for imparting IT skills & developing careers.

I appreciate HCL’s quality in training, hospitality & support


Mangaer –Technical

Trimax IT Infrastructure Services Ltd, New-Delhi

 It’s really good to see the quality of the resources we are getting from HCL CDC. I appreciate your institution for the quality of training & experience being provided to new entrants the IT infrastructure support industry.

Rohit Pratap Singh

PCS Tech

I am extremely delighted to observe the performance of the selected candidates from your institution in the last 6 months. We shall be looking forward to getting such candidates in future also and a long association with your institution. Wish you all the best.

Ashis Taru Banerjee


It was a great experience to work with HCL CDC in hiring HCL trained candidates. In fact AI Books started its India Team building with HCL CDC’s assistance. I am glad we made the decision to work closely with HCL. Candidates hired through HCL CDC are a real pleasure to work with and they have the initiative to take on the assignments with great energy levels. I would also like to add that Vaibhav Bansal has been instrumental in guiding us through the hiring process. He himself is an outstanding person with great marketing skills.

I wish you and HCL CDC great going in the future.

Kishore Venkatesh

Head – Marketing & Operations

AI Books India


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