At HCL, the concept of people-empowerment has been our guiding force through an eventful journey of over three decades having made HCL a $6.2 billion global conglomerate. HCL has played a pioneering role in creating and transforming the IT & IT Enabled Services industry in India and abroad, across areas of hardware, networking solutions, software development and BPO services. This has equipped us to create and deliver appropriate content for industry-led training programs.

The global economic order is set to change again placing fresh demands on individuals and organizations alike. It is now more than ever before, that we need to re-invent ourselves in terms of ability and performance. This is the time to build upon a fresh set of competencies that the market-place can value and deploy.

Over the years, HCL has shaped the careers of thousands of IT professionals and transformed lives. I invite you to share this legacy of excellence in the form of HCL Learning and become the IT professional of tomorrow.

Head-HCL Learning

Information Technology, the force that has single-handedly changed the very face of the modern world, carries innumerable avenues within its broad umbrella. From hardware and software to telecom and networking, the IT industry offers a world of promising opportunities for skilled professionals.

HCL, the organization that virtually pioneered the IT revolution in India, is today an established global IT enterprise, with

  • 90,000 professionals of diverse nationalities
  • Operations in 31 countries of the world
  • Over 500 points of presence in India
  • Global partnerships with several leading global 1000 firms
  • Significant presence across a spectrum of IT domains

We preach what we practice…..

Through its journey of three decades, HCL has trained thousands of young professionals who have in tum shaped the IT industry. Our position of leadership in the global IT arena has given us a unique level of learning- an advantage that we offer to you in the form of HCL Career Development Centres.


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