Meaning of .Net

Definition: The .NET framework is measurement of Windows and offers a controlled surroundings for increasing and successively applications. Programmers do not have to “reinvent the wheel” as the structure gives a wealthy library of APIs that applications can use. This library consists of functions for GUI, accessing databases, communicating transversely networks and much more.

Present the most important standards of .NET from the viewpoint of the customer:

It removes the boundaries between applications and the Internet. As an alternative of interacting with an application or a single Website, .NET will connect the customer to a collection of computers and services to facilitate will exchange and combine objects and data.

Software will be borrowed as a hosted service over the Internet instead of purchased on a store ledge. Basically, the Internet will be housing every your appliance and data.

Users will have easily access to their information on the Internet from any mechanism, anytime, anywhere.

There will be new techniques to network with application data, such as speech and handwriting recognition.

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